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Candidates seeking recruitment services in Houston, TX.

Learn About Our Personnel Staffing Agency in Houston, TX

You might think of Kay Staffing Services, Inc. as a matchmaker of sorts. It's our job to match the right candidates to the right company. This is something we've been doing successfully since 2006 under the leadership of company president Denise Kay.

Denise Kay is the president of our employment agency in Houston, TX.

Our Founder

Denise started her career in the business in the 1980s, working for another firm. Then, with years of experience, she founded her personnel staffing agency Houston, TX.

Denise holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master's of Science in Education. She is active and takes a sincere interest in volunteer work outside the personnel business. Her involvement in community service is strong, and she believes in giving back. Denise is a long-standing and active member of The Houston Ballet (The Nutcracker Market,) The Women's Home Partnership, and Houston Independent Personnel Consultants.

Our Mission

What sets our agency apart from the competition is our commitment to our mission. Ours isn't the largest agency out there, but we provide personalized services. We listen to our clients and meet their needs with qualified and capable candidates. And as a direct recruitment company, we pay close attention to what our candidates say they're looking for in a job. We offer this personalized service for clients and candidates in a variety of fields, including:

  • Consulting
  • Commercial Real Estate, Finance
  • Customer Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas

The secret to our success satisfies the companies and candidates we work with. This allows us to develop working relationships that have deepened over time.

We offer our client staffing solutions that include temporary and permanent employment, recruiting, direct hire, and placement. Contact us whether you're a business or a candidate.