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Our team of employment recruiters in Houston, TX.

Position Recruitment Service in Houston, TX

Ending your employment search has never been easier. Kay Staffing Services, Inc. connects those looking for a job with the right employer, every time with our position recruitment service in Houston, TX.

Connecting You with Employers

Whether you are looking to move up the corporate ladder, re-enter the workforce, get more experience or make a career change, Kay Staffing Services, Inc. can help you. Our team recognizes that your time is valuable and that you have a choice in what firms you choose to represent you, and it is our goal that you leave our office confident that your time and energy were well spent. With our employment agency, you are not just another candidate. You are a carefully selected professional with goals, aspirations and a unique skill-set that is aligned with the niches that we target.

Our Partnership

We look forward to a lasting partnership that will transcend your current search, enable us to become your career adviser, and help you achieve all of your personal and professional goals. A member of our employment recruiters will work directly with you to understand your talents, motivations, and preferences. With an understanding of your goals and past, it is possible to discover the ideal placement.

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Get Started Today

The first step in our process is the receipt of your resume. To register, submit your resume in Word format and fill out the profile. This is the most comprehensive way to use our recruitment services. At Kay Staffing Services, Inc. we pride ourselves on doing a thorough job of screening all candidates. All candidates are accepted by appointment only and are carefully evaluated through an in-depth one-on-one interview. Our services include training and tutorials on the latest software in use in the workplace. We market your skills to place you in a position that meets your needs and the needs of our clients for permanent or temporary employment services.